FTR (FR/Third coming records)

Future © Jérôme Sevrette

Future © Jérôme Sevrette

FTR (Cold-wave/Shoegaze)

Territory : Asia

FTR are frozen Kasabian, filtered through heavy reverb and a hundred guitar pedals. It’s eyes-closed chaos. Songs sharp as ice picks, loaded with jagged guitar riffs, cold melodies and fractured drums.

Since 2013, FTR evolves in a noisy cold atmosphere with some pop influences. From the atmospheric and fuzzy “Abyss EP” in 2013, to the sensual, cold and gloomy “Horizons LP” in 2015 (RPUT), Yann, Brice and Pauline come back with a new LP. Darker, straightforward and violent “Manners LP” reveals another side of this Parisian trio.

The French trio craft dark and brutal songs that blur the line between noise rock, coldwave, post punk and shoegaze.
— Sounds Better with Reverb