Nite fields (AUS/Felte)

Nite Fields © Savannah Vander Niet

Nite Fields © Savannah Vander Niet

Nite Fields (Post-punk/Shoegaze)

Territory : Asia

Australia’s two biggest contributions to post-punk are probably Nick Cave and the Go-Betweens and though those two entities couldn’t possibly be any more different, Brisbane’s Nite Fields somehow splits the difference between the two with a sound that’s both assertive and understated.  

Centred on the song-writing partnership of vocalist Danny Venzin and lead guitarist Chris Campion, 2015 saw Nite Fields tour internationally for the first time in support of their debut record ‘Depersonalisation’. Released on booming Los Angeles label Felte (The KVB, White Hex, Standish/Carlyon), 'Depersonalisation' received positive reviews from a number of international press including The Guardian, Pitchfork and Rolling Stone for it’s unique style of art-rock.

Renowned for a mesmerising live show that’s just as much about mood as it is about pop song structures, September 2015 saw Nite Fields tour Asia for the first time with stops in China, Taiwan, Mongolia, South Korea and Thailand.

Moody and at times dour, yet charming
— The Guardian
Aligning foggy atmospherics with a basic rock setup, Depersonalisation is both somber and beautiful.
— Pitchfork