Sapphire slows (jp/nous disques)

Sapphire Slows © Cedric Diradourian

Sapphire Slows © Cedric Diradourian

Sapphire Slows (Experimental electro)

Territory : Asia (excluding Japan)

Sapphire Slows is what you might call an everything-ist: she produces, DJs, plays synth and keyboard, and her eerie, drone-like vocals float over her tracks, embellishing their shadowy textures. After the brutal awakening of the 2011 earthquakes in Japan, she became motivated to pursue a career in music. Now a notable name in Tokyo’s electronic music scene, she has toured North America, Europe, China and her home country, and released on labels such as Tokyo’s Big Love, Los Angeles’ Not Not Fun/100% Silk, and Berlin’s Nous Disques. While some of her songs are submerged in a blue-ish, slo-mo haze, like her name suggests, others are more abrasive and in tune with the whirring pace of krautrock, as on 2014’s Allegoria album.

There are moments of striking beauty, but none more so than the 11-minute title track, where percussive elements disrupt the synthetic incandescence like a spring shower falling on a puddle’s refection of the sun.
— Resident Advisor