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 Yunggie Ma

Yunggie Ma

Yunggie Ma (World/Folk)

Territory : Europe

Sparse, delicate traditional folk that rings with the songs and stories of the Monpa people

Music that sweeps through time and history, and the stories of an ancient people.

Yunggie Ma is a singer from the Monpa minority, who emigrated from Bhutan to the Southeast region of Tibet over 300 years ago. Her music is the tale of her people, passed down through generations. It’s an elegy for a lost way of life, and a defiant faith that another world is possible.

Hers is a rare talent; her extraordinary voice possesses a distinct, striking purity. “The mountain woods listen to her sing and answer with gentle quivering wind,” wrote one Chinese reviewer about her debut album, 2016’s Lament for the World of Suffering: The Sacred Land of the Lotus.

Her performances evoke another world; vocal melodies ring with the sound of the distant chants of Tibetan temples, and conjure images of the restless Monpa roaming through bustling modern streets.

Yunggie Ma first shot to fame through her participation in “Chinese Idol” 2013. Her songs went viral online, rapturously received, and quickly established her as a household name. Along with her folk roots, one can hear an unspoken affection for Tuvan avant-folk singer Sainkho Namtchylak, Portishead, Massive Attack and PJ Harvey in her music.

Yunggie Ma’s repertoire features both sparse, traditional arrangements and modern beats. Live, her songs sound strikingly contemporary, yet resonant with the intimate tales of the elders of the Monpa clans.

-- by Concrete & Grass festival

Singer Yunggie Ma offers hymns of nature
— China Daily